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CIT 231: Find Articles

Why use these article search tools?

These article search tools are subscriptions the library purchases for you so that you never have to pay for access. If you are ever prompted to pay for access to an article, ask a librarian. We can help!

A good basic article search can be done with our Articles & More search tool. It searches across a huge number of general and subject-specific databases. It lets you limit to peer-reviewed scholarly articles and has a built-in citation generator tool. It includes all of the specific search tools listed below. Use those tools if you won't want to be overwhelmed with search results.

Library Databases for HIT @ Miami

Find Full-Text

Yellow Find It! buttonIf you don't find full-text for an article in the database you're searching, click the yellow "Find It" button to find it in another library database.


Limit database searches to Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly/Academic Journals. 

Click on a source title or journal name in an article record to see if it is marked: Peer-Reviewed -YES.