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ART 183 (Hamilton): Viewing and Using Images

Viewing Images

Click on a thumbnail in your search results to view an image. On the detail page you can zoom and pan, view the image full screen, and see metadata about the image such as the name and creator of the work, the medium, creation date, and more.

Screen shot of a detailed image view in Artstor showing how to zoom, reset, and view in full screen. Also shows where to click for downloading, printing, or sharing the image, and where to find the image metadata.

Detailed Image View

You can zoom into images to see a detailed view of part of the image.  Use the scroll wheel on the mouse or the buttons that appear when you hover over the image to zoom. These zoomed or detailed images can be added to a group just like full images can be. When you click the orange ADD TO GROUP button, simply choose "Add detail view" instead of "Add item."

Zoomed image from ArtSTOR showing where to click to add the zoomed view to an image group.

Building Image Groups

This video shows how to build image groups in ArtSTOR. Building an image group is the easiest way to make a PowerPoint of your images later.