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WeVideo Pilot Trial, 2019-2021

From May 2019 to May 2021, the Miami Libraries provided access to the WeVideo cloud-based video editing platform, as part of a pilot trial program.

On May 29, 2021, this pilot trial came to a conclusion, and Miami discontinued issuing new WeVideo accounts.

The Miami Libraries continues to evaluate video creation software in the fast-evolving market for video creation applications.

If you have questions regarding WeVideo, please email Mark Dahlquist, Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian.

What is WeVideo?

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform, which allows users to upload video from their phones or computers, edit it on the web from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, and (if desired) to publish this content to the web.  It can be accessed by students, faculty, and staff at Miami, who can "check out" WeVideo accounts for up to one semester at a time, using their Miami userid.

WeVideo provides a way for instructors to ensure that all of the students in their classes have access to a shared video editing platform, and enables students to work together on shared projects, without struggling with incompatible software or file formats.

How can I Access WeVideo at Miami?

If you don't have a Miami premium WeVideo account, you can request one for the duration of the semester or course term by clicking on the link below:

Once your Miami premium WeVideo account has been created, you can log in at, using your Miami userid and password. Since WeVideo verifies with Miami's personnel directory, you will need to Log in using the "Log in with Office 365" option.

To request that a WeVideo accounts be created for all the students in a class you are teaching please fill out this group/class request form. This will provide WeVideo accounts for all the students in your class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my videos at the end of the semester, when my access to Miami's WeVideo account expires?

At the end of the semester, your WeVideo account will be downgraded to a free WeVideo account, which has more limited capabilities. However, the video materials stored in your account will remain. However, if you do not use your free WeVideo account for two months, you will receive an email warning you that your account has become inactive. One week after you receive this email, if you do not log into WeVideo again, your videos and all your WeVideo data will be deleted.

How can I download or publish video edited with WeVideo?

WeVideo allows you to directly download video, or to publish video to the Vimeo platform. You can also downloaded your finished videos (in mp4 format), and then upload them yourself to the video-sharing website of your choice.

How powerful is WeVideo? What capabilities does it have?

WeVideo works with video in HD (1080p) format, and permits multi-track timeline editing of video and audio. It includes a wide variety of filters and effects (such as slow-motion), transitions, text effects, and a library of license-free music. It also permits "green-screen" techniques for compositing videos and backgrounds. For a more detailed description of WeVideo's features, see the links to WeVideo documentation, below.

How many people can edit a video project at the same time?

While the ability to edit a video can be given to any number of group members, only one person can be actively editing a video at any particular moment.


Video Production Facilities and Equipment at the Miami Libraries

The Miami University Libraries can provide camera, lighting, tripods, microphones and green screen studio space to enhance the quality of the videos you produce. For more information, click the link below:

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