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Reserves and Textbooks: Course Materials on Reserve

What to Place on Course Reserves

  • Library Books and DVDs - Library staff will retrieve library materials for you and place them on reserve. Please include author, title and call number to facilitate timely processing. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot place on reserve OhioLINK books and DVDs, books and DVDs borrowed via Interlibrary Loan, or entire issues or volumes of library periodicals.
  • Personally Owned Books -We will affix a barcode, reserve labels, and theft detection devices to personal copies provided to us for reserve. Personal materials are returned to you through campus mail unless otherwise indicated. The library is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to, personal copies.
  • Individual Chapters - Chapters or selections from a single book or monograph may be placed on course reserve. Copyright guidelines limit copying to one chapter, or not more than 10% of a work. We can place one copy for every 20 students in a class, to a maximum of three copies.

How to Place Materials on Reserve

Fill out a Reserve Request Form and deliver materials to be placed on reserve to a Circulation desk for processing.

You may use our web-based request form, or download this document and fill it out using Adobe Acrobat. Once completed, send the PDF to the appropriate email address:

The week before and the first week of Fall and Spring semesters are busy times. To ensure that materials are available for students when needed, at the start of each semester allow one week for library staff to process materials for reserves. At other times, please allow 2 working days.

Reserve loans

Selecting Loan Periods

Loan periods for course materials are chosen by the instructor. Options are 2 hour checkouts (For Use in the Library only); 1-day or 3-days

Duration of Reserve Materials

All reserves materials are removed at the end of every semester. Library material is returned to the circulating collection.

Search Course Reserves & Available Textbooks

To search available textbooks, type the title of the textbook or the course abbreviation (i.e., BUS 101) into the catalog search field.

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