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Alternative Resources to mIntegrity: Home

Alternative Academic Integrity Content for Students


This guide provides resources to users who previously used the tool mIntegrity for academic integrity or research skills. The mIntegrity tool is no longer supported by Miami University Libraries as of December 8, 2017. The previous link ( redirects here.


The interactive academic integrity tutorial mIntegrity is no longer supported by the Miami University Libraries and is not available for use.
Students will not be able to access the material or quiz in online or in-person classes. The tutorial, created and managed by the Miami University Libraries, covered research literacy and integrity topics such as plagiarism, citing sources and academic honesty. The tool has had waning use in the last few years and the Libraries are no longer able to support it and mIntegrity was decommissioned on Dec 8, 2017. 

Are you a student trying to access mIntegrity for an assignment?

Please let your faculty member know that it is no longer available and point them to this page. If you are from a Regional campus, please point them to the librarians at the Middletown or Hamilton campus. 


Are you a faculty member who previously used mIntegrity for an assignment? 

The Miami Libraries now provide faculty members and students access to Information Literacy Modules from CredoModule 6 covers citation and academic integrity in-depth and it the the best alternative to the retired mIntegrity tool.

Alternative Resources - Credo Information Literacy Modules

The Miami Libraries now provide faculty members and students access to Information Literacy Modules from Credo

Credo InfoLit Modules includes 80 digital resources to develop students' information literacy.  Items include text tutorials, videos, interactive exercises to practice concepts, quizzes, plus a pre and post test to assess baseline and learning.  Watch this brief overview video.

View and embed individual modules or videos using this link: Credo InfoLit Modules.

The modules are divided into the following six topics and can be embedded into Canvas by module or by individual resource.

  1. Getting started with research
  2. Sources of information
  3. Searching for information
  4. Evaluating information
  5. Presenting research and data
  6. Citations and academic integrity

Under each module is a combination of tutorials, videos, and quizzes. Also, there is a pre-test and a post-test available.

You can view the entire Credo product here: The Whole Course (Direct link).