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Annual Evaluation

3rd, 4th and 5th probationary years 

  • Probationary librarian evaluation packets are sent to the Provost for review.  Evaluation packets contain:
  1. A current CV
  2. Current annual report
  3. Annual evaluation by the personnel committee and copies of evaluations from previous years (beginning with the 2nd year)
  4. Annual evaluation by the Department Head and copies of evaluations from previous years (beginning with the 2nd year)
  5. Annual evaluation by the Dean (as well as Regional Campus Dean when appropriate) and copies of evaluations from previous years (beginning with the 2nd year)
  6. Annual evaluation by the Provost and copies of evaluations from all previous years.
  7. Written documentation of approval for years waived or extensions granted to probationary period.

Continuing Contract and/or Promotion

  • Promotion and Continuing Contract Calendar
  • Dossier Preparation Guidelines
  • Dossier submission via Faculty 180
    • To download appropriate years of annual activity as a Word document
    1. click Vitas & Biosketches 
    2. select Libraries Continuing Contract and/or Promotion Dossier 
    3. adjust Date Range: Begin [Semester and Year] & End [Semester and Year] 
    4. click Refresh Vita 
    5. click Export/Share / select Word Document
    • Edit the Word document to 20 pages following Dossier Preparation Guidelines
    • Save as a PDF using this naming convention
      • LastNameFirstName_dossier_year, e.g., SmithJohn_dossier_2020
    • Attach dossier PDF in the Confirm Submission pop-up window / Attachments
  • Cohorts
  • Examples of dossiers (google folder)
  • Example lists of proposed external reviewers (google folder)


Quick Links

Calendars / Timelines

Faculty 180 login

Faculty 180 Sections by Criteria

Libraries Appointment, Rank, and Promotion System - read-only Word docx

Librarian Improvement Leave application (forthcoming)

  • ​For details, see Section IX. of the Libraries Appointment, Rank, and Promotion System document.