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Using Exploratory

Do this before the Workshop

If you want to try the software along with the demo, download the software and data source below. The workshop will be recorded, so if you lose track you can go back and pick up where you left off!

Why Exploratory

Exploratory is essentially a graphical interface for the R statistical programming language. The Japanese-designed app was designed to "democratize data science."

The intent is to have a single tool that allows you to import then "wrangle" data from a wide range of sources, interactive data visualizations and analytics, and tools to communicate your findings including notebooks and dashboards.

I was able to learn the app basics quickly and often find "data wrangling" much easier in Exploratory than in Excel, though I still use the two hand-in-hand during the data preparation and import stages.

Here's a quick video introduction from the company...

データサイエンスの 民主化