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EDL 224: Introduction to Educational Policy: Home


Welcome to the EDL 224 research guide! This guide is set up to help you with your Policy Brief Assignment. The guide is broken down into databases, journals, writing tips, and policy brief examples. Tutorials are also included to help you get the best use of the guide. 

General Tips: 

  • Be open to searching multiple databases and journals on your topic. 
  • Write down a list of possible search terms on your topic (the more terms you have the better).
  • If you aren't finding the results you want, try out different search terms.
  • If you have any questions or need more help, feel free to email me (found on the "Contact Your Librarian!" tab) or set up a research consultation (which can be done through Google Hangouts).

Search in Databases

Databases are a great resource to search because they provide articles from many journals at the same time.  

Video: Using the Best Search Terms

Note: When using the databases, also think about using the limiters on the left-hand side of your results search, like "subject." You can also find recent articles by limiting the publication date as well as limiting to peer-reviewed articles:


Video: How to find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Note: This video shows you how to find peer-reviewed articles on the "Articles and More" tab on the library's homepage, but you can also use this same approach with the databases (Education Research Complete and ERIC) listed on this guide. You can also check a journal's peer-review status by Googling it and reading their explanation of their peer-review process. 

How to Search in Specific Journals

To search many articles at the same time it is best to search in a database, like Education Research Complete or ERIC. You can also choose more than one database to search at a time which will increase the number of journals you are searching. You can do this by clicking on "Choose Databases" at the top of your search box and checking the databases you wish to search:  



You can also look at specific journal articles by going to the "Publication" limiter on the left-hand side of your results: