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Digital Scholarship is scholarly activity that makes extensive use of one or more of the new possibilities for teaching, learning and research opened up by the unique affordances of digital tools and methods.

Digital Scholarship

Create + Innovate provides support for digital projects that enhance the research, teaching, and learning mission of Miami University, including support for Digital Humanities. We provide support for course based project development including the planning and integration of scaffolded assignments, rubrics and instruction. We can help identify resources such as appropriate platforms, an existing corpus of texts, images, data sets and other materials that meet your research or pedagogical needs. We can also assist with the identification, development and application of tools for a variety of tasks such as data visualization, mapping, text mining, and transcription. 

We can help:

  •  Advise and/or collaborate on project development, planning and grant writing
  •  Identify the right tools, platforms and data sources for your project
  •  Develop, acquire, host, setup, customize any of the above
  •  Provide training and support in project planning, content and data management
  •  Assist with integration of digital projects into your curriculum
  •  Brainstorm options for your DH research or pedagogy
  •  Identify resources and collaborators

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Humanities Center Digital Research Fellow​s 


Michael Hatch, Assistant Prof., Art and Architecture History, Dept. of Art for Prototype of an International Database of Inscriptions on Chinese Artworks.


Yu-Fang Cho, English and Global and Intercultural Studies for her project: Visualizing Nuclear Pacific: Mapping the Circulation and Effects of Radioactive Contamination.

Nishani Frazier, History Dept., Affiliate of Global and Intercultural Studies for a project documenting the evolution of and responses to gentrification in the United States.

Collin Jennings, Assistant Professor of English, for his project: “At One View”: Investigating Comprehensive Perspectives in Eighteenth-Century Print and Emergent Digital Methods


Tani Sebro, Department of Global and Intercultural Studies. Dr. Sebro is our second Digital Humanities Research Fellow and will receive support from the Humanities Center and University Libraries to conduct work on The Migrant Voices Project: Digital Storytelling from the Thai-Myanmar Border. The project involves the collection of auto-ethnographic narratives from Burmese refugees who have fled to Thailand.


Andrew Offenburger, Dept. of History. Over the 2016-2017 academic year, Dr. Offenburger will receive a combination of financial and technological support for his research. 

For more information about the fellowship and to apply see the 

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