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Create + Innovate

Create and Innovate: Our Staff

Lori Chapin, Innovation Spaces Manager

Lori Chapin has a background in art history, having graduated from Miami University with a BA in History of Art & Architecture. She completed her MLIS in 2014 from Kent State University. Lori has worked with the libraries for the last 15 years and is available for assistance in the Center for Information Management.

Contact: | (513) 529-1708

Lindsey Masters, Creative Technologist

Lindsey Masters has been a part of the Miami University Libraries since 2016. As Creative Technologist, Lindsey is here to help support digital initiatives both within the department and in collaboration with students and faculty.

Contact: | (513) 529-3340

Carla Myers, Interim Department Head-Create & Innovate/Assistant Librarian / Coordinator of Scholarly Communication

Carla Myers serves as Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Scholarly Communications for the Miami University Libraries. Her professional presentations and publications focus on fair use, copyright in the classroom, and library copyright issues.

Contact: | (513) 529-3935

Sarah Nagle, Creation and Innovation Services Librarian

As Creation and Innovation Services Librarian, Sarah is here to support your projects and curriculum relating to a wide range of experiential learning, maker, and innovation topics. Her research interests include maker/creative spaces in academic libraries and maker-centered learning in higher education.

Contact: | (513) 529-7205

Jody Perkins, Digital Scholarship Librarian / Metadata Specialist

Jody provides guidance to faculty and students engaged in digital scholarship, which is any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of one or more of the new possibilities for teaching, learning, and research opened up by the unique affordances of digital tools and methods. She assists in the selection and use of appropriate tools and platforms, helps with project planning and management, and consults on curriculum integration and rubric development for a variety of digital and multi-modal student assignments and projects.

Contact: | (513) 529-0135

John Williams, Senior Library Technician / 3D Services

John Williams is a graduate of Miami University with a BA in Zoology (2007) and an MEn of Environmental Sciences (2013). He started working with the library in 2010. He has 5 years experience with 3D printing and scanning and is always looking to improve his limited modeling skills.

Contact: | (513) 529-2026