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Communication Studies (Regionals): Find Books

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Want to Browse?

Sometimes you may just want to browse an area of the library to see what books are available. Books related to the study of Communication are scattered throughout the collection. Remember, though, that some books might be checked out or will be in other Miami University Libraries or our Southwest Ohio Regional Depository.

Here's a breakdown of the areas:

HE 8689---Broadcasting (general)

HE 8690-8699---Radio

HE 8700---Television

HM 1206-1220---Communication. Mass media

HM 1221-1226---Public relations. Publicity

HM 1231---Propaganda

PN 1990-1992---Broadcasting

PN 1991---Radio

PN 1992---Television

PN 1993-1999---Motion pictures

PN 4001-4389---Oratory. Elocution, etc.

PN 4699-5999---Journalism, including everything from region-specific journalism (PN 4840-5648) to government and the press (PN 4735-4748)