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When you search a database for a "Full Text" item, you are only searching through that particular database for the document in full-text, and not our entire collection.  An item may exist as a "Full Text" selection within a different database.

If you don't find an item as full-text in the database you're searching, use the "Find It" button to cross-search other databses for that same item.  You may discover that we have electronic access to that material after all.

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Scholarly Journal or Popular Periodical?

Anatomy of a Scholary Article  by NCSU Libraries

Peer Review in 3 Minutes by NCSU Libraries

Scholarly journals contain peer-reviewed articles which report original research or provide in-depth analysis.  The language is technical.  Graphs, tables, and references are included.  They are written by professors, researchers, and scholars.

Popular periodicals cover current topics, written in everyday language, including color images, and rarely cite sources.  They are written by journalists.