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Digital Humanities: Visualization Tools

Basic Data Visualizaion Tools

For simple data visualization tasks, remember you can often use the built-in tools available in programs such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, or Excel (or Google's Writer, Present or Sheets) to generate graphs and charts from data.

  • Take the time to find the most up-to-date and reliable data available (here are some sources for quality well-formatted data).
  • Think carefully about the data you have and what that data can show.  You might consider looking one of several available "chart chooser" tools online (such as this example, or this one), to consider which sort of visualization will work best for your task. Often simple, familiar  charts: pie, line, or bar, will help you make your point most clearly.

Online design tools such as Canva and Piktochart include some simple but versatile data visualization tools. Their advantage is that they include many flexible templates that help you incorporate your visualization in a professional-looking online or print-ready format.

Intermediate Data Visualization Tools

Network Analysis and Visualization