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CMR 117: Personal Finance: Finding Business Resources

Business Source Complete

For information on industries, individual companies, consumer needs, or marketing strategies, you may wish to search the Business Source Complete index for articles. 

Aside from just keyword searching your company or industry, you can also limit your search to an NAICS code (by entering the code in the search blank, and then choosing "NAICS Code or Description" from the drop-down menu on the same line). 

Likewise, that drop-down entry has a limiter for "Company Entity" (to focus your search on information related to a given company) or the limiter "Reviews and Products" to specify a particular product.

Articles & More - a great place to start!

Articles & More

  • Start searching for articles here (searches 80 databases at once).
  • Use limiters - peer-reviewed, subject, date, etc.  
  • Use "Cite" tool on the right to create an APA citation.
  • "Research Starter" provides a topic overview.
  • To share this article, copy the Permalink on the right in the item record. (not the browser URL)

Watch:  Articles & More (Long, 2:27 min., 2015)

Need a Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?  Who writes them?  Why?  Where do you find one?

Finance and Marketing Research Guides

The Finance Research Guide and Marketing Research Guide, developed by business subject specialist librarian Susan Hurst, provide access to many other finance, marketing, and general business resources.  Consult the guide for lists of databases and guidance on using them to find the marketing information you need.