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Data Services: Data Analysis Software

Tools for data analysis

Many of these programs are licensed by the University and can be downloaded from the Miami Software Catalog. The Infobase Learning Cloud (formerly known as Hoonuit) has tutorials and assistance with these and other tools can be found at the Statistical Help Desk.

Excel  [Windows] [Mac] [IOS] [Android]- easy to use for basic data analysis.  Provides good charting and graphing.  Even if you plan to use another tool for statistical analysis, Excel can provide an easy way to enter your data.

SPSS [Windows] [Mac] - has a graphical user interface.  It is somewhat like Excel, but provide buttons and widgets to do basic and advanced statistics.  Procedures can be saved as scripts and used with additional datasets

Stata [Windows] [Mac]- statistical analysis with enhanced data and matrix manipulation.  In between SPSS and SAS in difficulty of use.

SAS [Windows - combines data management with statistical programming.  It is good for complex datasets, but may be challenging for beginners.

SAS JMP [Windows] [Mac] - JMP statistical discovery software from SAS is the tool of choice for scientists, engineers and other data explorers in almost every industry and government sector. JMP combines powerful statistics with dynamic graphics, in memory and on the desktop. Interactive and visual, JMP reveals insights that raw tables of numbers or static graphs tend to hide.

R [Windows] [Mac] [Linux] - free statistical programming language.  Very popular in many fields.

MATLAB [Windows[Mac] [Linux] - statistical programming language with good graphic output.  Also used in engineering and other sciences.

Minitab [Windows] - general purpose statistical software for easy interactive use and basic instruction

Taguette [Web Based] - an open-source web-based document tagging tool for qualitative data analysis. Using this tool, you can upload a collection of documents, create a hierarchy of tags, and annotate portions of documents with tags and notes that you can recall and organize later.

OpenRefine [Web Based] - A simple yet powerful tool for cleaning messy data.

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