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Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies: Find Books

Call Number Areas

Sometimes you may just want to browse an area of the library to see what books are available.  Books relating to Area Studies (such as Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies) will be classified according to their subject and span multiple call number areas. The following are some call number ranges that will help you find materials relating to Russian, East European and Eurasian history, culture, politics, and literature.  Remember though that some books might be checked out or will be in our Southwest Ohio Regional Depository. 

AC60-AC65 -- Collections of Slavic authors

BX200-756 -- Orthodox Eastern church

DAW1001-1051 -- History of Central Europe

DB901-999 -- History of Hungary

DB2000-3150 -- History of Czechoslovakia

DK1-4800 -- History of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Baltic states

DR1-2285 -- History of Balkan Peninsula

HX1-970.72 -- Socialism. Communism. Utopias. Anarchism

JN97-9679 -- Political institutions and public administration of Russia and Eastern Europe

JN1070-1199 -- Political institutions and public administration of Central Asia and Siberia

PG1-9665 -- Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian literature

PH1-5490 -- Uralic and Basque literature

PN1993-1999 -- Russian and Eastern European cinema

UB155.R8 -- Russian military history

Recent acquisitions in Special Collections

Tsilindr : komediia v dvukh deistviiakh / Eduardo de Filippo ; perevod Tamary Skui ; rezhisser I.A. Grinshpun ; khudozhnik N.P. Akimov. Special Collections Closed Stacks N6999.A45 T75 1968. 

XIIaia noch / Shekspir ; perevod M. Lozinskogo ; muzyka O. Karavaichuka ; rezhisser i khudozhnik N.P. Akimov. Special Collections Closed Stacks. N6999.A45 D84 1970.

Siluety Parizha / perevod E. IUnger ; rezhisser E.I. Lifson ; khudozhnik N.P. Akimov. Special Collections Closed Stacks. N6999.A45 S55 1968.

Book cover of Tsilindr : komediia v dvukh deistviiakh  Book cover of XIIaia noch  Book cover of Siluety Parizha 

Special Collections have recently received a gift from Alex Rabinovich, who in the past also donated a number of materials on Mir Iskusstva (World of Art) group, including several issues of the journal "Mir Iskusstva" from 1904. This year's donation included three posters designed by Nikolai Akimov, an important Russian stage designer, director, painter, and graphic artist of the beginning of the 20th century. Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, he studied in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) under Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Aleksandr Yakovlev, and Vasilii Shukhaiev, who are also well-represented in the de Saint-Rat collection. Akimov is known for his boldness, wit, and sarcasm. His staging of Hamlet was especially daring for 1932. The King's ghost was represented as a fiction cunningly devised by Hamlet, Ophelia was portrayed as intoxicated rather than mad, and her drowning was depicted as the result of a drunken orgy. The three posters in the Special Collections are of much later plays staged by the Leningrad Theatre of Comedy, where Akimov was the artistic director for many years.

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