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ENG 313: Technical Writing (Cotugno): Finding Articles

Information related to specific careers or majors

You might find it useful to find a database focused on your profession.  Our Subject & Course Guides list includes topical lists of databases for every major at Miami (including our Regional degree programs).  Go to a guide and look under "Best Bets" to find a related database for that area.  Then enter your search terms in that database.

Screenshot of Criminal Justice Subject Guide

You can try searching specific publications related to your profession (sometimes called "trade journals").  One way to find these publications is to search our E-Journal Titles directory, using the "Browse Journals by Discipline" option.  Choose a subject area to see journals related to that topic, or search a profession name to see if there are related journals.  The results can be large for some areas of study, so once you choose an area, use the "Limit by Subject" option in the left margin to make your search more precise.  Then, when you choose a particular publication, use the "Search within this publication" link to search articles published in that journal.

Search page for ABA Journal.

Articles - a great place to start!

Articles & More

  • Start searching for articles here (searches 80 databases at once).
  • Use limiters - peer-reviewed, subject, date, etc.  
  • Use "Cite" tool on the right to create an APA citation.
  • "Research Starter" provides a topic overview.
  • To share this article, copy the Permalink on the right in the item record. (not the browser URL)

Watch:  Articles & More (Burke, 3:00 min., 2018)

Need a Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?  Who writes them?  Why?  Where do you find one?

Google Scholar