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ENG 276: American Literature and Culture Since 1900 (Cotugno): Finding Articles

Scholarly and Literary Databases

Use the following databases to find information about authors you are studying and their creative works as well as other topics in literature. Just enter the name of your author or the name of one of their works in the search blank, or a combination of terms that describe your topic.

Articles - a great place to start!

Articles & More

  • Start searching for articles here (searches 80 databases at once).
  • Use limiters - peer-reviewed, subject, date, etc.  
  • Use "Cite" tool on the right to create an APA citation.
  • "Research Starter" provides a topic overview.
  • To share this article, copy the Permalink on the right in the item record. (not the browser URL)

Watch:  Articles & More (Burke, 3:00 min., 2018)

Need a Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?  Who writes them?  Why?  Where do you find one?

Google Scholar