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Rentschler Library Services during COVID-19: Returning Your Materials

Please Note

Content is subject to change at any point due to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. Please check this guide regularly.

Books and Other Items (Not Equipment)

Please return all items (except equipment) in one of the drop boxes or at the front desk. There are two book drop slots on campus in which you can place items.

1. On the outside of Schwarm Hall near the archway:

photo of book drop slot on the outside of Schwarm Hall


2. Outside the library, just to the right of the library's doors:

photo of book drop slot near library doors


Please do not return equipment (laptops, iPads, cameras, etc.) in the drop box slots. Please return equipment at the front desk or contact the library staff if you do not want to come inside the library.

Disinfecting Library Items

When technology equipment is returned it will be disinfected using appropriate cleaning supplies before being checked out to another user.