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Rentschler Library Services during COVID-19: Getting Your Materials

Please Note

Content is subject to change at any point due to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. Please check this guide regularly.

Curbside Pickup

Link to instructions for curbside pickup

The designated curb-side pickup parking spot is along the curb on the opposite end of the Wilks Conference Center, near Phelps Hall (see map below). When you have arrived in the parking spot, please call the number on the sign, and library staff will bring your items out to your vehicle.

Picking up Materials in the Library

At checkout, library users will tap their Miami ID on a small device at the service desk to bring up their account. Users with older IDs will show them to library staff from the other side of a plexiglass shield. All items will be handed to you through the cut out in the plexiglass. We ask that users refrain from leaning on the service desk counter when approaching the desk for assistance.


For Fall 2021, technology equipment can be checked out while you are taking classes.  A “Digital Equipment Form” must be signed the first time you check out equipment each academic year. Two forms of photo ID (Miami ID and government-issued ID) must be presented when the form is filled out. Thereafter, users need to present only their Miami ID to borrow equipment. All technology equipment is sanitized between users.

Mail Delivery

Two new services allow users to have library materials mailed to your home address or, for faculty and staff, to your campus mailing address.

  • All Miami affiliated faculty, staff and students can have Miami University-owned, OhioLINK, and Inter-library Loan items mailed to your home address. 
    • Fill out this form* to ensure that the library has your current home mailing address on file.
    • To request this option, select "Home/USPS" from the Pickup Location drop-down menu when requesting an item.
  • For Miami faculty and staff who would like to have library materials sent to your campus mailing address**: 
    • Fill out this form* with your email address and complete campus mail delivery information.
    • In the Miami University Library catalog, select "Department/Dorm Delivery," from the Pickup Location drop-down menu when requesting an item. 
    • When requesting materials in the OhioLINK library catalog, select "Hamilton Department Delivery" from the Pickup Location drop-down menu. 

*The forms for home mail delivery and intercampus mail delivery need to be filled out only once, the first time you utilize these services. Please note that the forms for home mail delivery and for intercampus delivery are two separate forms so if you use both of these services, you will fill out both forms, once each.