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Miami University Library Buddy Program

Buddy Program Outline


Purpose: To provide new library employees with a means to feel welcomed, and get to know the library, campus, and community.

The Buddy Program is strictly voluntary for both new employees and buddies.


  • Can be any librarian or staff member who has been here for at least 1 year

  • Cannot be a supervisor or administrator

  • One buddy per new employee

  • A buddy is NOT a mentor or a replacement for a supervisor

Buddy Coordinator(s)

  • Points of contact for the program

  • Responsible for holding 2 meetings with all participants in the program – once approximately 4 months in, and once approximately 8 months into the program. These meetings will provide an opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, let us know how it's going.

  • Coordinators will maintain the Buddy Program Google Sign-Up Sheet


  • The buddy will send out a welcome email to the new employee

  • Buddy and new employee will establish contact preferences, meeting cadence, and format

  • The buddy will set up a 20- 30-minute “coffee chat” either via Zoom or in-person (Need a conversation starter? Here are some examples of ice-breakers.)

First 4 Months

  • At least 2 meetings

  • At least one activity (e.g. MU event, MU skating, etc.).

Next 4 Months

  • At least 2 meetings

  • At least one activity (e.g. MU event, MU skating, etc..).

Last 4 Months

At least one meeting. Activity optional

At end of 12 months, a survey will be distributed to both buddy and new employee to assess the pilot program (details TBD)

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