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Integrative Studies (Regionals): Websites

Google Search Tips

1.  Capitalization does not matter; Google is case insensitive.  Ex. fourth of july=Fourth of July
2. Worry about word order.  Enter the most important word first, then the second most important word.  Be specific.  32 word limit.  Ex. American civil war rations
3. Place phrases in quotation marks which means those words, in that exact order.  Ex. "type 2 diabetes"
4. ~word finds synonyms or related words.  Ex. ~elderly finds aged, senior, older adult
5. Limit the search to a specific domain with site:  Ex.
6. Place the search term in a specific field intitle:word or allintitle:phrase
      inurl:word or allinurl:phrase
7. Automatic word stemming.  Google automatically picks up various word endings.  Ex. heal retrieves heals, healed, healing.