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Antiracist Resources: Research

Digging Deeper

Run searches in the databases below to dig deeper into specific antiracism topics you would like to explore. Contact the library at your campus if you need assistance finding additional information.

If you would like to find research by diverse authors, this guide from George Mason University has great information about oppression in academic scholarship and search strategies you can apply to diversify your references or works cited page.

Relevant Databases

A collection of primary resources such as historical newspaper articles, diaries, correspondence and more. The resources are arranged into 6 categories based of various time periods from 1790-2000.

Use the Find It! Button

Most databases do not have the actual journal articles housed on them, some databases, like Academic Search Complete will have some of them.  Instead, they usually just contain information about the article.  Some databases will allow you to search full-text only, but beware that you are not searching all the articles that we subscribe to.

If you don't find an item as full-text in the database you're searching, use the "Find It" button to cross-search other databses for that same item.  You may discover that we have electronic access to that material after all.