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AMS 205 - Hopkins

Welcome to your Research Guide

This research guide will help you find sources for the final group project on a topic in Appalachian Studies. You are required to find at least 10 sources, five of them have to be peer-reviewed. The databases below are the main way to find the required sources. It's a good idea to find more than the minimum number of sources. You might also want to look at the full Appalachian Studies research guide. If you need help from me, please contact me using the blue "Email Me' button below my picture. Good luck!

Quick Links

Other Article Databases

Presentation Tools

PowerPoint - Use the link at left to get the full Microsoft Office suite to download on your laptop. PowerPoint is also available on library computers on all campuses and in computer labs and classrooms.

Prezi - Presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships

Google Slides - Log in to your Miami email to use Google's slide presentation tool.


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