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All consultants are Miami undergraduate or graduate students who have taken a course to prepare for their work. Interested in becoming a consultant? For information, see Becoming a Howe Center Writing Consultant.


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Border Breakers Archive

The purpose of this archive is to present students, professors, and other individuals who are interested with a series of documents, videos and photographs to help them understand the topic of "stereotypes" and "discrimination" a little better. 

My goal is to guide my readers through the journeys both International Students and Host Students go through as they come face-to-face in the classroom. I intend to present my readers with information that will help explain the causes and sources of stereotypes, the way our college generation is stereotyping each other and the consequences that such stereotypes may pose to both the social and academic development of those who are being discriminated and those who discriminate. 

Nonetheless, I do not intend to make a decision for my readers and I hope that the information presented will work on its own to build conscience and create awareness on the situation. I want my readers to walk on the shoes of those who have been discriminated and those who discriminate and decide on their own whether or not the attitudes they have taken towards others have been fair attitudes, and in case they decide they have not been, I want to give them a safe haven to explore their mistakes and give them the opportunity to do something about it. 

This Archive is my way to give back to society. Through it I plan to spread the message and hope to guide the mindset of my fellow college students through a lighter path standing against discrimination and stereotyping. 

In order to spread my message efficiently I organized the Archive in the following four blocks that resemble the journeys I mentioned above:

I. What Are Stereotypes and Where do They Come From?

II. The Act of Stereotyping

III. Consequences of a Stereotype

IV. What Some are Doing About it

In order to access the archive please go to:


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