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UNV 101 - EDT Cohort: Finding Books

Finding Books

Miami University Online Catalog
Search By: Keyword, Author, Title or Subject Heading
Limit By: General Topic and Where The Item is Located
Look For: Call Number, Location, and Availability
Request Item for delivery from other MU Libraries
Continue Searching in OhioLINK for unavailable titles

Tip: The Miami University Libraries have a large collection of books about all aspects of education. Some students will find additional materials when expanding a search to the statewide level using the OhioLINK catalog.

Children's Literature

One way to find a children's book or curricular material is to filter your search results by location. Items located in the King Library, Ground Floor, IMC are all related to education and children's literature This includes reading materials at a variety of reading levels, ELL materials, k-12 textbooks,and curriculum materials such as puppets, games and kits, and more. These items can all be requested for pickup at the Hamilton campus using the "Request Item" link.

Another way to find children's materials is to search for your keyword or topic and add the words "juvenile literature" to your search. For example, entering the search "fractions juvenile literature" will find books about fractions written for children. After you search for a topic, you can limit by location to see what is available here at Hamilton first, before requesting items from the Oxford IMC.