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Library Content for Online Courses Workshop: Libguides and Subject Librarians

Who is you subject librarian?

The library staff can assist you in obtaining materials for your online instruction. All subject areas and departments at Miami have a dedicated subject librarian. That librarian is responsible for:

  • Selecting and purchasing library material to support student and faculty needs
  • Assisting students and faculty in the research process
  • Providing course-related library instruction
  • Creating and maintaining research guides, which highlight relevant library resources for that subject area.

As such, this librarian can provide you assistance in locating and incorporating online material for your newly-online classes. The easiest way to locate this librarian's contact information is to locate your department or area's research guide. These guides can be found at 

Adding a Research Guide to Canvas

One good way that you can provide research assistance for your students it to add your department or area's research guide to your Canvas course. This is an easy way to give students some guidance in selecting appropriate library resources for research projects as well as providing the contact information of the subject librarian for further consultation. The video below demonstrates how to add this research guide to the main navigation bar of your course.