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Open Educational Resources (OER): Additional Resources

Springer Affordable Textbooks

Data – MU Spring 2015 Textbooks

Download the spreadsheet.

Members of the University OER Committee reviewed a spreadsheet for textbooks ordered for Spring 2015 which included: ISBNs, titles, department, course, section, instructor, cost (both new and used), and enrollment (estimated and actual). [SEE SHEET 1]

They then computed two separate Enrollment X value metrics, using the actual enrollment of the course rather than the projected enrollment:

  • one if everyone buys new
  • one if everyone buys used

They then did a pivot table on the more conservative (i.e. used cost) to see the to-student-cost across textbooks. [SEE SHEET 3]

OER White Paper

On 9/8/2015, the members of the Faculty Learning Community Exploring Open Educational Resources delivered a white paper entitled Open Educational Resources and Their Implementation at Miami University. The paper covers: the definition of OER, best practices, benefits and evidence, OER as a strategy to meet 2020 goals, implementing an OER culture at Miami University, a preliminary plan.

You can download a copy of this white paper at

PowerPoint Slide Decks

These slide decks, some with speaker's notes, can be used for your own presentations. Feel free to modify to suit your needs.



  • The Open Education Group Review Project: Provides a summary of all known empirical research on the impacts of OER adoption