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NSG 648: PICOt

PICOt - Clinical Questions

Asking Answerable Clinical Questions - PICOt

  • P  Patient, Problem, Population
  • I   Intervention
  • C  Control, Comparison
  • O  Outcome
  • T  Time


Build your research question using the elements above.  Combine concepts using these words:

  • Patient, Problem, Population (Among)
  • Intervention (Does)
  • Control, Comparison (Versus)
  • Outcome (Affect)
  • Time (During)

 "Among women in labor, does the use of labor support/doulas versus no labor support affect labor complications?" (PICOt Question example by M. Montgomery)

Types of Questions:  Therapy, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Harm/Etiology, Prevention, Cost-Effectiveness, Quality of Life.

PICOt Tutorials

From Binghamton University Libraries, 2017


From Miner Library, 2014