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Tips & Tricks for Company & Industry Research

1) Public companies are easier to research with tons more information easily available. (especially in respect to supply chain)

2) Large companies are likely to have more information available.

3) Parent companies almost always have more information available than do subsidiaries.

4) Choosing an industry that operates in an established NAICS industry will make finding information on that industry easier.

Company Research

Company Overview 


Supply Chain

Bloomberg Terminals- These can be found in the on the first floor of the Farmer School of Business in the Trading Center. (FSB 1013)

Supply Chain Research can be done by loading an equity (public company) on the terminal then using the function SPLC. 

More in-depth instructions can be found in the google doc linked below. Accessible only to Miami students and faculty using their Miami account.


Industry Research

ESG Ratings

Business Librarian

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Zachary Grisham

Fall 2024 Research Assistance

- Open Office Hours @ FSB: Rm #3083 9-11 AM Thursday
- By appointment: @ King Library or via Zoom, Mon.-Fri.
- Email: expect a response within 1 business day

King Library: Room 201

Government Resources