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DEI Workshops:  2022

Diversity in Monographs: A Collections Audit at the University of Kansas (incl. book selection)

In 2020, the University of Kansas Libraries began a year-long diversity audit of the circulating monograph collection. The study also sought to learn how these monographs were acquired. Titles and publishers not profiled by GOBI were significantly less likely to be in the collection. The presentation will describe the study methodology and limitations, highlight results, and discuss next steps. Participants will learn about the audit process and how KU will utilize these findings to make changes to collection development and acquisition methods to make long-term improvements to the diversity of the library collection.

Suggested Readings:

  • Baildon, Michelle, Dana Hamlin, Czeslaw Jankowski, Rhonda Kauffman, Julia Lanigan,
    Michelle Miller, Jessica Venlet, and Ann Marie Willer. 2017. “Creating a Social Justice Mindset:
    Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in the Collections Directorate of the MIT Libraries.”
  • Kristick, Laurel. 2020. “Diversity Literary Awards: A Tool For Assessing an Academic
    Library’s Collection.” Collection Management 45 (2): 151-161.

Auditing Diversity in the Stacks (Gonzalez)

In accordance with Article 1 of the Library Bill of Rights, it is our social responsibility as librarians to provide users with information resources that reflect the diversity of our communities in support of both academic pursuits and personal enrichment. This session will provide an overview of diversity audits, describe various methods to assess diversity in collections, and highlight potential challenges and limitations.

Creating Cultures of Belonging (Shutt)

As Miami University Libraries work on a DEAI Strategic Plan, what are best practices for ensuring the prioritization of DEAI at all levels of the libraries? How can the libraries be a campus leader in DEAI work through their unique position and perspective for encouraging campus-wide DEAI work? This session will focus on how Miami University Libraries can create cultures of belonging, where every student, staff, and faculty is invited to bring their best self and whole self to make the libraries an exceptional place for thriving.

DEI Workshops:  2021

Identity, Harm, and Hate in Special Collections. Henry Handley [University of Dayton]

From Being To Doing: Anti-racism as Action at Work. Ione Demasco [University of Dayton]

Navigating Microaggressions in the Library and on Zoom. Tara Trueblood and Takeia Howard [Miami University]