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BIO 342 (Hamilton): Topic Selection

Places to Find Topic Ideas

For Ecology and Environmental Science

For Health and Medicine

Remember that the topics on these lists are very broad and will need to be narrowed significantly.

For example, if you choose a genetic disease, you might want to focus on therapies that involve using CRISPR. If you want to focus on the conservation of an endangered species, research how genetic diseases have impacted the species.

These are a couple of suggestions to give you a start on how to narrow. Doing some searches on these narrower topics will help you narrow further if necessary. For example, you may notice that many scientists are researching a specific gene that can increase a person's risk for developing pancreatic cancer, so you focus your project on just that one gene.

It often takes multiple rounds of searches before you hit on a topic that is narrow enough for this type of assignment. Your instructor and I (Krista, your librarian) are here to assist you with this process.