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3D Printing Drop-off & Scanning Service: Home

Guide to the University Libraries' 3D Printing Services

3D Printing Update 

With the advent of COVID-19 and its impact on library services 3D printing is now closed until further notice. During this shut down printing will not occur. We can, however, still accept your requests and can conference call for consultations. Please feel free to email at any time for updates.

2019-2020 service changes

Try our new self-print 3D Printers at our Makerspace in King Library

Drop-off Service Changes

The 3D printing drop-off service, located in BEST Library, Laws Hall, had a number of changes occur.

Here are the things you need to know:

3D printers added: Stratasys F120, Stratasys F370, MakerGear M3-ID.

Printers removed: Stratasys Dimension sst 1200es, Mcor Iris, full color paper printer, Solidscape Z3 Pro, wax printer, MakerGear M2.

Fee changes: We will be charging by the cubic inch for the two new printers, see prices on the printer page here.


University Libraries 3D Printing Service


Miami University Libraries can now meet your needs when it comes to three dimensional printing. If you can imagine it, we can print it using on of our multiple printers available. We can convert from a wide variety of formats for printing. In a matter of days we can print what you have imagined. Design at TinkerCad online, Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, or in your favorite 3D modeling program. Set up an appointment with our 3D printing specialist for a consultation by emailing

M3-ID Printer

What we can do

  • Print ready-to-go 3D models from a variety of file formats (e.g. .stl, .obj, -- ask us about other acceptable formats)
  • Repair/modify 3D models for printability
  • Consultations on 3D modeling and file conversions
  • 3D scanning using a HP Pro S3 scanner

3D Printing Status

If you would like to contact us directly, to ask a question or see how long the print queue is, please e-mail us at

3D Printing CLOSED

BEST Library 3D Services Specialist