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Policies: Affiliated Patrons

Affiliated Patrons of the Libraries Privileges and Policies


Miami University Libraries Materials:

•A limit of 20 items may be checked out to an individual at one time.(This includes OhioLINK items.)

•The normal checkout period for most books is 3 weeks.

•Most items can be renewed.

•Overdue fines for Miami University books are 50 cents per day to a maximum of $15.00.

•Replacement charges for lost Miami University items are $115.00 per item ($70.00 replacement fee, $30.00 processing fee, and a $15.00 billing fee).


Miami University Electronic Resources:

•All online databases, indexes, and other electronic resources are available on campus ONLY.


OhioLINK Materials:

•A maximum of 5 OhioLINK items may be in use at one time.

•OhioLINK books have a 21-day loan period and can be renewed up to times as long as another patron has not placed a hold on it.•OhioLINK media materials (videos, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.) typically have a 7-day loan period and cannot be renewed.

•Overdue fines for OhioLINK materials are 50 cents per day for the first 30 days. An additional non-refundable late charge of $50.00 is added for items more than 30 days overdue.

•Replacement charges for lost OhioLINK items are$125.00 per item ($75.00 replacement fee and a $50.00 processing fee).


Services Not Included:

•Affiliated Patrons may not check out textbook materials for grades K-12 from the Instructional Materials Center (IMC).

•Electronic resources are not available off campus to Affiliated Patrons.

•Interlibrary Loan is not available to Affiliated Patrons of the Library.