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The Miami Digital Humanities Forum: Miami DH Forum Workshops

Miami DH Forum Workshops - Fall 2022

DH Workshops Schedule for Fall 2022


Digital tools and methods have created new opportunities and challenges for research in the humanities. The Miami Libraries look forward to showcasing ongoing DH research and instruction at the Miami Digital Humanities Forum in the Spring of 2023.


This Fall, the Miami Libraries are pleased to offer a series of four hands-on digital humanities workshops for interested Miami students and faculty. Registration for these workshops is encouraged. 


ArcGIS Online: Creating a Digital Map Two Ways | 3pm Monday Sept. 26, Room 110 King Library

Participants will use ArcGIS Online to create maps with various methods; data featuring the Ohio Historical Marker Program will be provided.


Instructors: Kristen Adams and Roger Justus


Computational Text Analysis | 3pm Thursday Oct. 13 , Room 110 King Library


Participants in this introductory workshop will practice computational textual analysis using Voyant and working in a Python/Google Colab notebook environment.


Instructor: Mark Dahlquist

XML, TEI, and Digital Libraries | 3pm Thursday Oct. 27, Room 110 King Library


This workshop will provide an introduction to XML and the Text Encoding Initiative, which are foundational technologies of digital libraries and textual analysis.


Instructor: Rich Wisneski


Web Publishing | 3pm Tues Nov. 8, Room 110 King Library


Publishing the results of your digital humanities or digital scholarship can be a challenge; this workshop will help you evaluate web publishing options.


Instructors: Alia Wegner and Meng Qu


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