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Librarians on Location: Home


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, open office hours "on location" on-campus will not be offered during the spring 2021 semester. Because of this, please be advised that the hours and locations listed in this guide may not reflect current offerings. It is recommended that librarians are contacted via email (or any other indicated preferred method of contact) to schedule a virtual appointment or inquire about remote office hours availability.

Find a librarian in: 

Armstrong Student Center

Art Building

Bachelor Hall

Café Lux

Farmer School of Business

Harrison Hall

Irvin Hall

Laws Hall

McGuffey Hall

Pearson Hall

Phillips Hall

Psychology Building

Upham Hall

Williams Hall

All students are welcome to drop by the Miami University Libraries open office hours across campus... no appointment necessary!

How Can Librarians Help Me?

Librarians can assist with questions about any academic subject and can offer expert advice on conducting research, using library resources, and more. When in doubt, ask a librarian! Stop by if you: 

  • are having trouble finding a source for your paper
  • aren't sure how to frame your research question
  • have questions about locating books or journal articles
  • need someone to explain how to properly cite a source
  • or just want more information about any library related topic or resource!