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History: HST206 (2020)

Strategies and Research

Because you are remote, this guide attempts to assist you in finding academic/peer reviewed resources that you can access online. Dr. Gordon wants you to use Confederate Slave Payrolls, a collection from the National Archives as a basis for your research topic.

For your annotated bibliography you are asked to find

  • One Encyclopedia Article (that is not from Wikipedia) -- Encyclopedia articles often are very broad. Don't expect an article on your specific aspect, but look for "larger picture" discussions such as slave labor. Provided below is a list of scholarly encyclopedias with articles written by experts in their field. You may also want to use the bibliography to look for other sources.
  • Two Books -- For your purposes use the Miami University Library Catalog. See the class video for strategies. 
  • Two Journal Articles --  Again, for your purposes, use America: History and Life. See below and the class video for strategies
  • One Wikipedia Article -- when you look at whatever article you choose, look at the bibliography. Articles with a large number of quality sources in its bibliography can be useful. You may also want to use the bibliography to look for other sources.

Encyclopedias and Reference

The sources below are collections of reference books and articles that are similar to the encyclopedias above. When you are searching you are searching through chapters of books. You may have to search very broadly and read through tables of contents

Finding Books

The University Libraries are completely closed and we are all working from home. You will need to locate scholarly books that are electronic through the online catalog. This video provides tips and tricks to find those sources.

Tutorial: How to Find Ebooks

Finding Articles and Book Reviews

Also you will need to locate scholarly articles that are electronic by using America: History and Life, an index to history journals. This video provides tips and tricks to find those journal articles.

Your Librarian

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How to Find EJournals