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VR, AR, & Data Visualization: Virtual Reality Start

VR Equipment


C+I Makerspace - Vive VR

Starting Up / Shutting Down


1 Login to the VR Lab's PC
   After a minute, the Steam VR Library should appear

   If off, or a restart is needed, press the Alien Head button on the PC
   If monitor is off, turn on TV screens 

2 Use the remotes to turn on the 3 large TV Screens 

  Power buttons are also on the left side TVs and front of center TV

3 Unplug the 3 Red Charging Cables from the Vive Headset and Controllers

4 Place the Vive Headset and Controllers near the Blue Center Mark on the Floor

5 Plug in the Green labeled cable to the Battery 
   Press the Lighting Bolt Button on the Battery to turn on
   Press the Vive Logo on the Top of the Headset to turn on
  Green lights will appear above Logo and on Battery
  Vive Logo Light takes a moment to appear

6 Press the "Steam Menu" Button on each Controller (shown here)

   It is the lower button, below the touch pad
   Green lights will turn on
   This also opens the Steam VR pop-up on the PC
   TIP - in VR, this button toggles a menu for finding software and logging out

7 Checking - If everything is operational, you'll see two pop up windows with Blue icons
   In Steam, the VR Box will be Green, if Grey, click on it with the mouse
   If something isn't on, check and turn on

   If there is a problem, the default solution is to restart the PC by pressing and holding
   the Alien Head power button on the PC 

  Asking staff or a fellow student to login often solves problems too

8 With everything running....
  Go Back to the Vive Headset and place it on yourself
  Turn the Large, Flat Grey Knob Back on the Vive to Open & Close, Fit should be Snug
  Physically, gently move the Vive on your face until the VR world is clear

  Pick up the Controllers and Explore :)
  See the Software & Menu Page for Details




There is a larger battery along the wall, for extended VR use. It will not fit in the clip that holds the small battery. Always try to keep the Headset battery plugged in if not use.

The most common misstep is not turning "something" on. Double check the items in the list above and look for Grey Icons or Lights that are Off / not Green.

Examine the Controllers and Read the Software Use page before entering VR. Once the Headset is on, you won't be able to see anything but VR.

Lastly, be Safe, both at the start and after you've gained confidence.
A light blue fence will appear if you approach a wall / go to far. If sharing a space with others be sure to give the VR user enough space per the type of world they are in. 



1 On the Controller, Tap the Steam Menu Button, The Steam VR Dashboard will open
In VR, Choose Library and use Search to find a new App
   Search will either be an a Listed Option on the left or a Magnifying Glass below - Click to open keyboard


1 On either Vive Controller, - Press and Hold - the Steam Menu Button to open Steam Pop-Up
   Pop Up (and Steam VR menu) Toggle, to go back to Software, Press Button Again
2 In the Pop Up that appears, choose Exit VR
   If in the Steam VR Menu, click the Power Icon on the lower left
Place Controllers Down on Floor (or Hand to Friend / place both in One Hand)
Remove Vive Headset, Unplug Battery from Headset (Green labeled USB cable)
Place Headset and Controllers near Chargers
   Plug in Red labeled USB cables into Controllers and Headset to Recharge
6 Let Front Desk know you are done with the Equipment

Reminder - be sure to plug the Controllers and Battery back into their USB Chargers.