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Chemistry and Biochemistry: SciFinder Access

SciFinder Access

SciFinder is the most important literature database in chemistry.  (It is also one of the most powerful databases out there in any discipline!)

You can search SciFinder in several ways:

  • Explore References - Let's you search on a topic, author, journal, etc.
  • Explore Substances - This lets you search by structure, molecular formula, or Substance Identifier.
  • Explore Reactions - Similar to Explore Substances, this section allows you to search for a reaction.

Problems Accessing SciFinder?

This page provides some tips for accessing SciFinder, both on and off campus.


Some have found that using a VPN, such as Cicso Anyconnect, actually interferes with off-campus access to SciFinder  However so long as you are not using a VPN, you should be able to get in.

You will need to get to the SciFinder site via a link on the library web site, e.g.: or direct link

When you click on the link from the library site to SciFinder, you will first be prompted to log in with your Miami U uniqueid and password (as if you were logging in to MU email).

From there, you will be taken to the SciFinder site, and you will be prompted to log in there, this time with your SciFinder account information.

If you have not previously established a SciFinder account, you can do this via the "create an account" link here  Creation of an account needs to be completed when on-campus.

If you are still unable to get in, you should also try to clear browser settings/history/cache in case that is contributing to the problem.  Please contact Kevin Messner at, and let me know at what point the problem occurs, and any error or block messages you see.

Your Librarian

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