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VR, AR, & Data Visualization: VR Software List

VR Software List


Bold titles are Vive & Vive Pro and deserve attention

Italic titles are Vive & Vive Pro and are interesting, but may be small, unfinished, less educational, slightly challenging to use, or simply worthwhile to a very narrow and accepting audience.


Blue titles are Rift or Quest with Laptop Only


Green titles are available on the Quest

Red titles have yet to be purchased / may be purchased based on interest (please contact Dr. Guynup)

In VR or on the Lab PC. more titles might be seen. In the Steam & Viveport Libraries, grayed out or download required apps were reviewed, found lacking and uninstalled. Additionally, other titles might be available as 360 video experiences


Art, Culture, Social Justice

Claude Monet - The Water Lily Obsession
Beautiful filmlike experience, no interaction. Very relaxing, fun, and historically informative. Lasts about 15 minutes

Smithsonian American Art Museum - Beyond the Walls
Only a few pieces of work, but nice information. Teleports you to mini background spaces on the work.


Mona Lisa - Behind the Glass
A deep story-like look at the Mona Lisa. It’s good but, one complaint, it also shows the Louvre without really letting you move around in it which is bothersome.

I am a Man
Award winning Civil Rights experience that places you directly in the 1960’s through a series of small staged experiences.
Touches on events before and after MLK’s death, but puts the focus on you as a person, as an African American man, during the Memphis sanitation strike.

Traveling while Black
A great 360 video experience.  Very moving stories, great filming and imagery, really diverse and artful in its design. You share a table in a diner, have a seat on a bus, and share in the lives of those who had to go through extraordinary experiences for the sake on making them ordinary for all Americans. Not interactive. 20 minutes. Can jump ahead, replay parts.

Notes on Blindness 
A really insightful and moving story-like experience on how the blind perceive their environment. Runs about 20 minutes and takes a little time to understand and appreciate what they are trying to accomplish. Based on the journal of writer and theologian John Hull.

The Anne Frank Experience 
Part tour of the hidden rooms that housed the Frank family, part retelling of stories shared by Anne, this work engaging, informative, and hopeful. The focus in on how they found strength, and made a life worthwhile in the darkest of circumstances. 


Remember Pearl Harbor
Good detail and some nice interaction. Covers the homefront and the personal story of a soldier.

Messy Truth VR Experience
An African American & police experience. You are a son in the backseat of a car in darkness. You cannot interact. You can move your arms but your fingers are fixed in a spread out position. You cannot see anything, it’s all audio. It’s challenging, which is good - yet perhaps more than some may want.  It's also unfinished and short.

The Kremer Collection VR Museum
70+ Dutch, Flemish paintings from the Kremer Collection with audio in a VR Gallery. All art is 2D


Master Works, Journey Through History
Covers Rushmore, Mesa Verde, Chavin de Huantar, and Ayutthaya sites.
Good visual detail and explorable, albeit not especially interactive. Fair educational information and good overall.


Dreams of Dali
Based on Dali’s Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's 'Angelus’

It’s interesting, but being stuck in fixed views makes exploration hard.  Takes less than five minutes.
Stare at white balls to move.


Church Art of Sweden
Very unfinished space, but a nice volume of work and some curious interactivity. 

Virtual Touring of DunHuang: Mogao Cave 61
A single room, with heavily painted walls. There are informational pop-ups, not in English. Good, just very small.


Nefertari: Journey to Eternity
A walkthrough of her tomb, which is the entry shaft, burial chamber, and a small room. Walls are heavily painted and some pop ups appear and share information. It’s very good, just small.

Ward & Cartouches 

The space is like a small trendy gallery with a slim selection of Egyptian works. It’s small, not especially interactive, but the information is curious. 

Bygone Worlds: Ephesus
Despite the low polygon quality, there’s some good information and interesting interaction here. You are a sailor who arrives at the ancient Greek city of Ephesus.  You row in, unpack cargo, drop a gang plank, steer a donkey, while getting culturally relevant information.


Business, Education, & Vocation

Excavator Harbor Job
It’s a curious project and amusing. You literally control an excavator, a large tracked vehicle with a long arm and giant shovel used in digging. You begin on a dock and try to scoop up a shark. 


Electrical Substation Training for Engineers
We’ve all driven past electrical substations with their tall fences and danger signs. This is a workaday walkthrough of a single site. 


Data Visualization

This is a tool that appears on most lists of educational software. It can visualize mathematical equations. It’s something math teachers and students should come and see.

10 Thousand Things
Feels like there could be more to this and yet, the development seems to be stopped. It’s sort of a library of objects, but not complete or sure of its purpose.


Exploration & Science


This uses images Google Street View and focuses on organizing and building on the power of those 360 images. Notable features include an easy access timeline to flip the evolution of spaces, collections / favorites folders that allow users / faculty to curate groups of environments that highlight a given subject (Asian Graffiti, South American Shopping Malls, etc), and a multi-user feature for faculty lead tours.


Note, we can create content for Wander & Google Earth with a 360 camera & GPS controller.

Google Earth VR 
This is the most common tool found on educational lists. It blends Google’s mapping of the earth with its Street View feature enabling users to travel widely and literally walk the streets of many places. Students of architecture, history, business development, art, and social justice can tour places of significance or interest.


WebbVR - Webb Telescope 

There are a large number of space applications, this application provides a wealth of information, on the telescope and how it works in unexpected detail. 

Everest VR 

A blend of video clips and immersive experiences, this work takes you literally up Mount Everest. The information is deep and experience has some great moments.

Apollo 11 VR Experience
A good history with some really fun cinematic moments. Interactive parts are however, underwhelming and some visual moments can also be awkward. Overall it is good. You start in a home watching a video clip, soar down the Apollo rocket, then travel to the moon and back. 

Beyond Tokyo
A slightly comic and curated tour of Tokyo. It covers shrines and a few venues in detail. It’s a bit like Google Earth, street view with a colorful interface. It’s usability does feel odd at times, but the gist and information is good. 


Space Station Tour 

A series 360 images of the International Space Station that make for a short tour. Embedded video clips add a nice bit of detail.

Disappearing Oasis
A Moroccan 360 video documentary. Covers drought, family life,a bit of culture, and a little music. Runs about 15 minutes and is well done. 


Journey Into the Heart of Evolution

Not a journey, a very short tour with a single curious gimmick - 2D images of 3 animals are posted and the user looks to select the 2 most connected by evolution. It makes a single nice point.

Undersea Park

A brief swim with a range of ocean fish, sharks, whales, & manta rays. It feels like the start of something good, but you'll likely want more.

Medical, Health, Chemistry, Biology

Nanome (Free Version)
A great molecular chemistry tool, very comprehensive.  Has a good tutorial.
Currently have free version, but this is great as is. 


Medical Holodeck (Edu Package Free Version)
An interesting and seemingly productive tool used professionally.
Use is simple, it presents 3D information like a CT brain or lung scans with good examination tool. It also supports an animated heart - with real scan data.
Currently we have the free version / limited body parts & features

Surgera VR

A surgery simulation. It’s interesting, but very hard to control / work with tools, so much so that it isn’t really usable.

3D Organon VR anatomy (Enterprise Edition Free Version)
A basic body part model, good detail, parts labeled, a little clunky to interact with.


The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell
A long tour with very specific information. Interesting and educational at times, not overly interactive.


Modeling & Painting

A tool for painting in VR. Great for novices and powerful enough for professionals this is a wonderful tool made by Google. The hidden trick is that it is really just cleverly textured 2D planes that stream like brush strokes from the controller. Being 2D it’s not 3D printable, but there are some AR (phone) applications that seem to support its use in their workflow.


A toy like sculpting tool, a playful space to create and then 3D print. Obj and FBX files can be saved on the Quest headset, then transferred to a PC to be converted into a 3D printable file. There are no internal scale or measuring tools. There is an option for multi-user creation and game-like play.


The easiest 3D sculpting tool available. A simple clay-like modeling approach allows first time users to make goofy characters and objects. With practice and a little learning, small realistic models, like faces or comic characters can be made. This work is also exportable to a format for 3D printing. Freescale objects, does not allow users to create objects of specific size, like a 1 inch cube or a 5 mm hole. 


Adobe Medium (Rift, Quest with Laptop only - is on a few machines)
Formerly an Oculus product, this is the most popular 3D modeling package on the market  It borrows heavily from real world clay / ceramic production practices

Gravity Sketch (is on a few machines)
A hugely powerful and complex tool that clever blends professional 3D modeling practices with the organic spirit of most VR modeling packages. Freescale objects, no specific size

Quill (Rift, Quest with Laptop only - is on a few machines)
A painting tool that was merged with animation functionality. A great deal of award winning work has been created with this, including Dear Angela one of our Rift, Quest with laptop options. It's an intriguing tool.

Make VR Pro Version (we have free only)
Made for 3D printing, awkward to use, clunky. In the Pro Version is a grid that allows objects with specific sizes, measurements to be made. Need a 2 inch object with a ¼ inch hole, this will do it. Will purchase Pro Version.


Unreal (VR View)
The actual game engine, in VR. Allows object manipulation, awkward in Vive.



Popular platform, many worlds to explore. Bowling, climbing, teaching, touring as a class is possible. These can be live spaces with unfiltered guests from around the world, so student experiences will vary. Use as a class space in VR is straightforward, just set the space to private or invite only.

Note, we are creating content and teaching classes here - in a limited and research oriented fashion.
It is build on Unity 3D, but does not allow custom coding. There are deep challenges for general class use.

Second Life’s successor and it is struggling. There are however a large number of interesting worlds to explore such as the Star Wars museum which is set on a virtual Hollywood backlot.

Content creation is possible, but very limited, proprietary, and not recommended

Neos VR

Created largely by a single passionate developer, this package both powerful and problematic. While all multiuser software is in a "Beta" state, Neos is more so. The developer is trying to make it a world building tool so there are a lot of options to create objects. World building is also a big challenge that may be more than the developer can handle. One big plus is its openness. It's the only really public option that allows users to own a server and really author whatever a developer desires in Unity.


Content is possible. Good programmers could really take this in interesting directions, but with that same skillset a more ownable, custom built platform seems possible.


The Lab
This is a series of fun mini games and a nice playful introduction to VR possibilities. In the loosest of terms it explores engineering, the solar system, the human body, storytelling, and physics. More directly, there is a defend your castle archery game, a bowling ball slingshot, a comic bit with a broken robot, and a few other experiences. 


Fantastic Contraption 

A blend of Angry Birds and Portal. Players build whimsical machine-like, often wheeled, contraptions to transport a jelly ball to an ever more challenging destination. This game has been used on campuses for team building exercises and for showing creative problem solving.

Gravity Lab (Free Version)
A physics puzzle game that places you in a future lab in outer space. Place various elements, like ramps and gravity modifiers, in a room to move a stream of balls into a bin. It’s a unique study in creative problem solving, fun, and amusingly frustrating. 

Beat Saber
A great game and great break from reality with a simple action, slice oncoming cubes with your light sabers to music. Good for VR newcomers, just set to EASY mode. If doing this with multiple people stay away from the VR users swinging arms. If alone, take the blue fence warnings seriously. Don’t forget to slip your hands into the straps on the controllers for this.


Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs
Having a hard day?
Need to break stuff and chuckle?

… Try this if you are up for something easy and comically destructive.

Richie’s Plank Experience

A fun little game, unless you are afraid of heights - which is sort of the point. Walk a plank off a high building or fly around a city putting out fires - sort of.

Salary Man Escape VR

A quirky Japanese game for the working person and a bit of a cultural experience. Gameplay is a blend of Jenga (yes the wood blocks) and a mini Platformer. Nice soundtrack.

Oasis Ready Player One - Beta
Meant to be a large arcade of games laid out like Oasis.  6 small games now playable. Beyond the games, its a curious look at VR interface and interaction design options. In terms of games, Smash was good, like Breakout or Pong in a tunnel.