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VR, AR, & Data Visualization: Search, Menus, & Controllers

Search, Menus, & Controllers

There are many ways to search and open software in VR. Software comes from different sources and or has different attributes which leads to some diversity here. Desktop options are often simplest. Steam VR Menu is the most complete and searchable. Vive Home is the default when just entering VR.



Vive VR Home Menu


Viveport VR Home Menu


Steam VR Dashboard

 Steam on the Desktop - Library shows “most” Steam Software

Viveport on the Desktop - Click on the Viveport Icon on the Desktop, Library shows all Viveport Software

Steam VR Menu in VR - Quick Tap - the Steam Menu Button on the physical controller
    Next click on the Library Panel. Click on Search in left side menu OR a Search Icon 

Viveport VR Home Menu - A Vive Button is at the bottom of the Steam VR Menu

Vive VR Home Menu - The Default Starting Point, Software is Listed in a Double Wide Scrolling Column

Desktop Folders - Some Software Shortcuts are Grouped into Themed Folders on the Desktop


Every app and game is different, some are very unique, some are in beta, and some try to do too much. Don't skip tutorials when offered and look for the help or ? in the app for answers. 



The Menu Button often opens an app's Main Menu. The TrackPads usually scroll through menus and let you run, navigate in immersive worlds. These are also clickable. Triggers make selections of objects or actions. Grip Buttons, on the sides of the controllers, are secondary action buttons and in some apps are used to select and grip objects for 3D manipulation.