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Law & Legal Studies: Find Books & Articles on a Specific Case

Finding Books

Search the Library Catalog for the following:

1) the name of the case

2) the subject the case deals with -- books dealing with the legal aspects of the subject involved may discuss specific relevant cases.  Many Supreme Court cases are discussed in books on the Supreme Court or in constitutional law books.  Other subject examples include business law, commercial law, educational law, environmental law, corporation law, criminal law, etc.


United States Supreme Court Decisions: An Index to Excerpts, Reprints, and Discussions. 1983.
Gov't & Law Reference KF101.6 .G83 1983.

Indexes selected constitutional law books and journals prior to 1983 for discussion of Supreme Court cases.  Listed in chronological order by case.  Discussion were not found for all cases.  Look up source abbreviations in the front of the book, obtain the full author/title information, then look the source up in the library catalog to see if we have it.  We may have different editions of some of the constitutional law books.  The case may still be mentioned but the page number would be different.


Search Tip: The Catalog

Miami's libraries hold over 3.2 million books, 119,000 maps, 97,000 sound recordings, 20,000 journals, 12,000 videos, and nearly three million pieces of microform. 

To search those materials, use the library catalog.

Finding Journal Articles

Search journal article indices.  In addition to law sources, consider other journal article databases in such subject areas as General Periodicals, Newspapers, History, Political Science or any subject area that may be relevant to the subject the decision deals with.