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ARTstor: Finding, Viewing Images

Browsing for Images

You can browse the ARTstor contents by:

~ Geography - a list of country names subdivided by classification categories

~ Classification - a list of 16 broad categories, subdivided by countries

~ Collection - these are the museum and archives collections that are included in ARTstor

~ Sample Topic - a list of interdisciplinary topics, with 100 featured images in each

Searching for Images

Keyword Search

~ Enter keyword(s) in the search box and click Go. (It is not necessary to include "and" between keywords. Results will include all of your search terms.)

~ The search results will be returned as thumbnail images.

~ Refine your search by using the search box in the upper right corner. Enter another search term and choose Within this search result from the drop-down menu.

Advanced Search

~ Enter search terms combined with "and", "or", or "not".

~ If appropriate, use the drop-down menus to select Title or Creator.

~ Searches can be narrowed by Geography, Classification, Collection, or by date ranges.

Viewing Images

Results are displayed as image thumbnails with brief captions. You can choose instead to have them displayed as large thumbnails with brief data records (Display options > Display large thumbnails).

  • Single-click an image thumbnail to select it. A colored highlight appears around the selected thumbnail.
  • Double-click an image thumbnail to view it in the Image Viewer.
  • Click the navigational arrows on the right side of the utility bar to move between pages when you have more than 24 images.
  • Images can be sorted by Title, Creator, or Date.

Image Data

  • When viewing small images, click on the caption. When viewing large images, click on View Full Record.
  • A data window will open. Click the desired tab to view information about the object, file properties, personal notes, and instructor/student notes.

Image Viewer

To view an image in a larger window, double-click the thumbnail to launch the Image Viewer in a new window. (If the Image Viewer fails to load, check to make sure that the pop-up blocker is not enabled.)

Clustered images

Other images (duplicates or details) of the same work have been clustered behind this preferred image.

  • Click image:icon_cluster.gif (clustered image icon) to view the other images, which will display on a new thumbnail page.
  • To return to your original page, click on your browser's back button.

QTVR Files

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) files are photographic panoramas that allow you to pan 360° around a central point. (You will need QuickTime Player installed on your computer to view these files.)