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Finding Wall Street Journal Articles in Factiva

If you are looking for Wall Street Journal articles, go directly to the Factiva database.  It has all the articles (but not the stock market data). You can read current articles from the last 2 weeks right on the main page page or search for articles using the Search box in the top tool bar. 

If you find a link to a Wall Street Journal article in the Business Source Complete database, click on the Find It Link to get to the full text.

 If that takes you to a search page in Factiva, go back to Business Source Complete and copy the article title and note the date of the article.

In the Factiva Search box, paste the article title into the search box in the black tool bar at the top of the screen.  You may also need to change the search date, depending on when our article was written.

If you try to access Factiva and it won't let you in, it may be full.  We only have a license for 4 simultaneous users.  This is also why it times out quickly.  Try again in a few minutes.

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