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Maps and Geospatial Imagery: Locating Non-Digital Maps

Finding Atlases

Atlases are books with collections of maps, on a general area such as the World or a continent, on a country, or a topic. 

Find atlases in the Libraries Catalog.  Remember that an atlas will be broader in its coverage than an individual map.  Topical atlases cover a very broad topic, such as climate, the environment, or population.  Regional atlases will cover a large region or country.  Keyword searches are very useful in a search for atlases, because there is no special subject term in the catalog for 'atlas'.

  • By name  If you are looking for a particular atlas, for example, the Times Atlas of the World, or the National Geographic Atlas of the World, a keyword title search with 'Times Atlas World' or 'National Geographic Atlas World' should give you results of atlases with your title.  If you know other words in the title, your results can be narrowed by adding those words.  You can choose a sort by date if you want to see most recent ones first.
  • By region  If you are looking for atlases about a particular region or country, use a general keyword search with the place and the word 'Atlas'.  For example, 'China Atlas' should find atlases of this country.
  • By topic  If you are looking for atlases on a specific topic, use a general keyword search with the topic and the word 'Atlas'. For example, 'Climate Atlas' or 'Population Atlas' should find atlases on the topic that you want.  Use a broad term for your topic to find enough usable results.  Once again, a sort by date will give most recent results first.

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