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Mapping and Geospatial Imagery: Locating Non-Digital Maps

How to find maps

You can find maps in the MU Libraries collections in various ways.  Several kinds and formats of maps are available.  All of these maps are available for use in the BEST Library, but are stored in the Hughes Storage facility.  Let me, or another member of the BEST Library staff know what you need.  We can retrieve it for you within 1-2 days.

Topographic maps of the United States  Known by various names: 7.5-minute series, each sheet or quadrangle shows 7.5 minutes of a degree of latitude North to South, and longitude West to East; 24,000 series, all sheets are at the uniform scale of 1:24,000 (exceptions, Alaska is at two smaller scales, Puerto Rico is at 1:20,000).  Covers all 50 states, and territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.  Sets are arranged by state and by sheet name within the state set.  Index maps available for each state.  Series are listed in the Libraries catalog, with complete lists.  Find them in the catalog, here.  These sets include earlier editions, as well as the most recently available for each sheet.

Topo! CD-ROMs Topographic mapping for the 50 U.S. states is also available in a digital collection on CD-ROM.  Each set covers the entire state or group, with the most recent sheet available.  Display is seamless, with layers showing smaller scale maps.  Find these with a title search on the word Topo.

Other U.S. topographic maps, in sets at smaller scale than the main set. 

  •     The 15-minute series is the predecessor to the 7.5-minute sheets.  Produced at ca. 1 inch to 1 mile, or 1:62,500.  Selected sheets,1910s to 1940s.
  •      Another set, at 1:250,000, covers the entire U.S.
  •      A large set at 1:100,000, is also available.

General Maps, Reference Maps, Thematic Maps of regions and countries of the world are listed in the Libraries Catalog, by "G" call numbers.  Find these maps with a subject or keyword search.  Find regions and countries with a subject search of the country name and "maps", for example, "Pakistan Maps".  Find maps of places within a region or country by keyword, for example, "Karachi Maps".

Geologic Maps, thematic maps of geologic themes, of the United States, the 50 states, and regions and countries of the world, are also available.

Vegetation Maps, showing themes of plant vegetation and related topics, are available in the Küchler Vegetation Map Collection. The collection was compiled by plant geographer, A.W. Küchler.  All regions of the world are represented. Recently added and acquired maps supplement this collection.  Access to these maps is by appointment with the Maps Librarian.  These maps are listed in the Libraries Catalog.  Search by keyword or subject, using phytogeography or other term, the name of the region, country or locality, and maps.  For example, here are results for a keyword search, Phytogeography India Maps.

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