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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Grad Students

Subject Guide

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Kevin Messner
Business, Engineering, Science, and Technology Library
219B Laws Hall
(513) 529-7204

Welcome to MU!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the library!  I hope that your experience with us will be positive.  We are here to help.  I am the librarian who works with the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.  Please contact me if you ever need any help.

I know that a lot of the time you will be using library resources without actually being in the library.  Because of that, I am available through email or by telephone (see contact information in the box above).


John Kromer


SciFinder is the most important database in chemistry.  Many would even say it is the most powerful database in any discipline! 

Web of Science

Sometimes SciFinder is not the best database to use.  We subscribe to many other databases that might be better for your research.  Web of Science gives you access to Science Citation Index and EndNote Web.  This multidisciplinary database's main strength is its citation searching.  Give it a try!

Biochemistry and Bioinformatics Resources

Biochemistry and molecular biology may be old hat for some of you, but completely new for others.  This list of resources may prove especially useful if you find yourself doing lab work in these areas for the first time.