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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Citing Sources

ACS Citation Style

We are lucky in chemistry!  We have our own citation style designed specifically for us.  It is the ACS citation style.  This page will provide you some resources to help you with this style.

The ACS Style Guide is a book that will tell you about all aspects of writing in chemistry, not just how to format your references.  Chapter 14 is about references.

How do I format my references?

Here are a couple of handouts that have been prepared by librarians to help you format your references appropriately.  This information is a summary of what can be found in the ACS Style Guide.

Journal Abbreviations

Chemistry can make things difficult!  When you are using the ACS Ctation Style you will need to find the journal abbreviation if you don't have it already.  The gold-standard way of finding these is to use a group of books called CASSI, (Chemical Abstracts Services Source Index).  There are other websites that can help you do this without coming in to the library to use these books!

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is citation management software provided as a part of our OhioLink subscription to the Thomson/Reuters Web of Science database suite.  For former users of RefWorks, EndNote Web is likely the closest cousin to RefWorks' functionality, including a folder organization system for references, and a Microsoft Word plug-in called Cite-While-You-Write for placing/formatting references within a document.  More information, tutorials, etc. about EndNote Web is available within Web of Science.


Zotero is a freeware option for bibliographic management software.  The software is an extension to the Firefox browser.  Your data is stored in the browser (and can now be stored to a server allowing for syncing between computers).


It's important to cite your sources.  Using someone else's idea without giving them credit is considered plagiarism and academic dishonesty.  This can have serious consequences.

Fortunately, it's really easy to avoid.  Cite your sources!

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