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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Books

Chemistry Call Numbers

QD 1-65  General Chemistry

QD 71-142  Analytical Chemistry

QD 146-197  Inorganic Chemistry

QD 241-441  Organic Chemistry

QD 415-436  Biochemistry

QD 450-801  Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

QD 625-655  Radiation Chemistry

QD 701-731  Photochemistry

QD 901-999  Crystallography

QP 501-801  Animal Biochemistry

Pointers for finding books

Finding books is sometimes more difficult than finding journal articles.  Books contain a lot of information but you can only search for them by their title, table of contents (sometimes), and subject headings.  Journal articles are about a very specific topic and you can search in the abstract too.  Keep that in mind when searching for books and try searching broader ideas.

Subject Guide

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