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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Scholarly Works


SciFinder is the most important literature database in chemistry.

You can search SciFinder in several ways:

  • Explore References - Let's you search on a topic, author, journal, etc.
  • Explore Substances - This lets you search by structure, molecular formula, or Substance Identifier.
  • Explore Reactions - Similar to Explore Substances, this section allows you to search for a reaction.

Library Resources

Sometimes SciFinder is not the best database to use.  We subscribe to many other databases that might be better for your research.  Give some of these a try.

Chemistry Call Numbers

QD 1-65  General Chemistry

QD 71-142  Analytical Chemistry

QD 146-197  Inorganic Chemistry

QD 241-441  Organic Chemistry

QD 415-436  Biochemistry

QD 450-801  Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

QD 625-655  Radiation Chemistry

QD 701-731  Photochemistry

QD 901-999  Crystallography

QP 501-801  Animal Biochemistry

Non-Library Resources

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Article Types

Primary article:

A primary article will report the findings from researchers.  The experiments they conduct will be reported in this type of article.  You can find things like syntheses of specific molecules, properties of nanomolecules, and reaction mechanisms.

Review article:

This type of article will summarize the research that has been done in a certain area of chemistry or biochemistry.  Review articles are an excellent starting point if you're just beginning to study a specific subject area.