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Government Information: Ohio

General Ohio Information

Ohio Legislative Information

Sources on the laws and legislative process of the State of Ohio.

Ohio Government Publications

The Government Information & Law Department of the Miami University Libraries is a depository for publications of Ohio state government agencies. Many Ohio publications are shelved in the King Library general collection. Brochures, newsletters, periodicals and legal publications  are housed in the Government Information and Law collection and are arranged according to the Ohio Documents Classification Scheme, which is similar to the SuDoc system used for United States government publications.  All Ohio government publications are available in the Miami University Libraries catalog.

Ohio documents are also available online through the State Library of Ohio.  As mandated by title 149.11 of the Ohio Revised Code the State Library collects and distributes official Ohio government publications. Ohio state publications are currently online only as far back as 2000 in some cases.  If you cannot find what you are looking for electronically, try searching the collection of the State Library of Ohio.

An index by agency of Ohio documents is available in the Government Information and Law Department reference area (Ohio Documents, GOV REF J 87 .O3 0455)